Exosmart Hair Treatment


Exosmart is one of the innovative and unique treatment techniques used in the treatment of cases of hair loss and genetic baldness, where Exosmart technology works to provide an innovative solution to various cases of hair loss.

Many men and women suffer from the problem of hair loss, which leads to emotional and psychological crises accompanied by a sense of dissatisfaction. Exosmart technology provides a solution to the problem of hair loss away from the negative effects and severe side effects that can occur with other treatment methods.

How ExoSmart Works

ExoSmart technology relies on exosomes, which are the system of communication between natural cells, which contains large numbers of biologically active molecules, including growth factors, cytokines and micro-molecules, which play an important role in building and regenerating hair follicles, in addition to their role in improving the health of the scalp  andrestoring the growth process of follicles.

Exosomes are carriers of biological substances such as proteins, lipids, DNA, and  MRNA, and can signal nearby and distant cells to perform tasks, such as tissue regeneration and cell reconstruction.

The exosomes work to provide a more harmonious environment for the hair growth process in the scalp through several different paths such as :

  1. Stimulate the growth of hair follicles through the growth factors provided by exosomes, which play an important role in the conversion process from the resting phase of the follicles to the growth phase of the follicles, which promotes the growth of hair follicles in the scalp.
  2. Stimulate the formation of blood vessels where exosomes promote the growth of new blood vessels, which in turn improve the access of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles.
  3. Reducing the effect of DHT as biologically active molecules within exosomes resist the effect of DHT as DHT reduces the size of hair follicles as in androgenic alopecia, thus exosomes slow or stop the progression of hair loss.
  4. Modifying the immune response: Exosomes contain immunomodulating molecules that contribute to relieving the excessive immune response that causes alopecia areata, which reduces damage and inflammation in the hair follicles.
  5. Modification of stress response where biologically active molecules interact with stress-response pathways in hair follicles, mitigating the effects of stressors causing telogen effluvium.

Treatment steps

The treatment process begins with the extraction of exosomes from adult stem cells that are present in tissues such as blood or fat, and the accurate and advanced filtration process of the exosome is carried out through the ExoSmart technology, which in turn provides pure exosomes ready for the injection process, and then the treating doctor numbs the treated area to avoid discomfort during the injection process, and then injects the exosomes into the scalp.

Advantages of ExoSmart Hair Loss Treatment

  • Safe and effective, exosomes extracted from the patient himself are used in the treatment process, which avoids a lot of risks.
  • Quick to prepare and doesn’t need a lot of time.
  • Comfortable and painless treatment technique.
  • It is used in the treatment of various types of hair loss problems.
  • Once the treatment session is completed, the patient can return to normal activities.
  • A non-surgical treatment technique used instead of hair transplantation or scalp reduction surgery.
  • Improved scalp health thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties found in exosomes that provide a more conducive environment for healthy hair growth.

Exosmart Side Effects

  • Feeling some tingling in the scalp as a result of the injection process.
  • Some bruising appears in the scalp, which soon begins to disappear after the injection.
  • Itching.

People targeted for EXOSMART therapy

Exosmart technology can be used in the treatment of many hair loss conditions such as :

  • If you suffer from androgenetic alopecia, which is known as pattern hair loss (male or female baldness).
  • People who suffer from macular alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss in the form of spots.
  • sufferers of telogen effluvium.
  • People in the early stages of hair loss who do not want to have a hair transplant.
  • who are looking for practical and quick solutions to the problem of hair loss.
  • People who want natural hair loss treatments.

When the results of the injection process appear?

The results are usually noticeable two to three months after the injection, as the dilapidated hair follicles are eliminated and the growth of new follicles is stimulated during this period, and the patient gets thicker and denser hair.

Before your treatment session

Although there are no contraindications to treatment using ExoSmart technology, the doctor provides some tips to follow for the best results such as

  • Avoid using NSAIDs 72 hours before  your treatment session.
  • Drink enough water to keep the scalp hydrated.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco products for 72 hours before the injection session.

After Exosmart session

The exosomes process lasts for several months, and the patient can notice continuous improvement over a period of six months to a full year, and doctors recommend injections every 12 to 18 months to maintain the results of treatment for as long as possible.

The doctor usually provides some tips to follow after the treatment session to get the best results, including

  • Avoid strenuous sports activities.
  • Avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Avoid touching or massaging the scalp.

After the treatment session, the patient can return to normal activities while avoiding strenuous activities for 72 hours of the treatment session.

The number of treatment sessions that the patient needs

The patient usually needs only one treatment session to get the desired results, but in some cases the doctor may resort to an additional treatment session depending on the size of the damage to the scalp, provided that there is a month as an interval between the two treatment sessions.

How long it takes

The treatment process is carried out within a short period of time, thanks to the Exosmart technology, which works to purify the exosomes from the blood plasma directly. The time period may vary from person to person depending on the size of the area under treatment. In general, the treatment period does not take more than 30 minutes to complete the treatment session completely.

Which is better to treat hair loss with Exosmart or PRP?

Both treatment techniques rely on elements that are extracted from the patient’s own blood making them completely safe therapeutic techniques, and the difference between them lies in the

  • The number of treatment sessions, the patient usually needs6-4  sessions when treating hair loss with PRP, while the patient needs one or two sessions of Exosmart treatment .
  • The goal of the treatment process, treatment techniques target different components of the body, exosomes target stem cells in the scalp, while platelet-rich plasma stimulates tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Exosmart has a high degree of accuracy. While the doctor can deliver the correct element in the right amount, the introduction of platelet-rich plasma also leads to the introduction of unnecessary substances into the treatment process. The body must process and dispose of these substances.

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