cool lipo

النحت البارد

Cool Lipo (laser-assisted lipolysis) is a new, minimally invasive technology that liquefies fat for easier removal. It is a laser-based procedure that breaks up and removes fat cells in areas such as under the chin, neck, and jowls or areas with loose skin such as the arms. In addition, the unique wavelength of the CoolLipo laser system directly contracts collagen and tightens the skin, an effect not seen with standard liposuction.

How long does the CoolLipo procedure take?

The length of the procedure depends on the area being treated with the average being one hour for an individual area.

How long will it take for the treated areas to heal?

The results and healing time frame depend on each patient’s procedure and individual healing abilities. The small incision(s) usually heal within days and it is possible that you will have minimal if any bruising. Individual results may vary.

When can I go back to regular activities such as work and exercise?

This largely depends on the specific body area you are having the CoolLipo procedure performed on. If you are having a chin/neck CoolLipo procedure, usually you can return to work after a long weekend and slowly move back into your regular exercise routine. If you are having more extensive areas treated you need to consult your physician for a recommendation according to your situation.

How long before I notice results?

Patients potentially may see results within a week post-procedure and will likely notice a continual improvement of skin texture and tightness in the treated area 2-6 months post procedure.

Can the CoolLipo laser treatment be performed on my abdomen, hips or other larger body parts?

The CoolLipo laser utilizes a special suction handpeice which allows the physician to remove fat and tighten the skin simultaneously. This makes CoolLipo a great choice for treating larger areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms.

Is the procedure performed under general anesthesia?

This depends on the areas being treated and the physician’s preferences. Most instances the CoolLipo procedure is performed under local anesthesia only.

Why should I choose CoolLipo laser treatment over other similar laser-assisted lipolysis procedures?

CoolLipo’s unique 1320 nanometer wavelength has the potential for skin tightening and lifting benefits in addition to fat removal in most people. The 1320 wavelength has been has been shown to be safe with all skin types from very fair to dark skin.


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