Burn scars are the result of an accident from a fire or hot surface. In appearance, they can be:     

Depressed, raised, shiny, smooth or rough.

Darker than the natural skin pigmentation or completely void of color.

Different colors as they heal, with reddish or bluish pigmentation.

Thicker and tougher in texture than normal skin.

There are several different types of burn scars, and can be treated with the CO2 laser, Fraxel Re:pair, or a combination of laser treatments. Hypertrophic burn scars are notoriously difficult to treat scars that are raised above the skin. Contracture scarring is a result of second or third degree burns. These scars may tighten and restrict movement in the skin, which could affect deeper tissue. Fractional CO2 laser is the most effective way to treat old and severe burn scars because of the extensive tissue damage.

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