Acne Is A Holistic Problem, So Treat Acne Holistically

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People think that acne is entirely to do with what happens to your skin on the outside. Or that it’s entirely about what you eat.

Most people, especially before learning about holistic acne treatment, think it’s all about dirt and bacteria that sits on the skin.

That’s why people assault their faces all the time with these face washes, creams, and shattered dreams that the next product will be the right product (I know! I’ve totally been there!).

Except it never really works. If it did, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this because your acne would be gone.

For others, they jump head first into changing their diet, feeling like if they can just have the “perfect” diet and never ever ever slip up, only then will they have clear skin.

And they drive themselves insane in the process.

What you do to your skin on the outside, and what you eat, are both indeed very important.

And your choices in this area can greatly worsen or improve your acne situation.

But That’s Just Not the Whole Story

Sometimes the creams and washes do get rid of acne, but not for very long, because they aren’t getting to the root of the problem.

What they’re doing is temporarily covering it up until it breaks through the barrier and comes back.

Or they just cause really unpleasant side effects, and you’re totally sick of it.

The root of why you are getting acne in the first place usually comes from within the body, so if you want permanently clear skin you have to start working on the acne problem from the inside out.

“Great! I’ll just eat the ‘perfect’ diet then, and then I win” you think. “I don’t care what it takes”.

Later I see you crying over a sandwich because you couldn’t be perfect, and now you’ll never clear your acne.

No, friend. It’s not just about your skin care. And it’s not just about your diet.

Your body is holistic and it’s all the little efforts and actions in each area of your health that add up to success.

It’s not “perfection” in a couple areas that bring you clear skin. It’s balance in all areas.

What Does Holistic Even Mean?

Holistic means whole, and interconnected.

Your body is holistic. All your organs (including your skin) are alive and connected to each other, and the health of one is affected by the health of the rest of them.

So your skin can’t be fixed like a broken part of a machine that is disconnected from the rest or your body.

What happens in the body determines the health of the skin.

That’s why you can’t only focus on skin care. Good, gentle, natural skin care is super important. But in most cases, it’s not going to get to the root of the issue

Lots of people get that but then they go on to *only* focus on skin care and diet (with about a million supplements thrown in on the side).

But much like how your skin is holistically connected to the rest of your body, your diet is holistically connected to all the other areas of health.

If you want your healthy diet to work in your favour, you need to figure out a way to mange your stress levels better.

You need to look your life and give attention to those areas that are ailing you – relationships, finances, career, your creativity, your self care, your spirituality.

You need to get a bit of movement and exercise.

You need to sleep better.

You might need to support your digestive system, liver, or give your hormones a gentle helping hand.

I Promise It Isn’t Just Diet

But many people focus solely on diet. Sure they might give a bit of a nod to these other things. But emotionally they feel like clear skin entirely rides what they eat.

People do often clear their skin solely with a perfect diet.

Except they’re so stressed and fearful about it that all that stress burns rubber through all the nutrients you just ate. As a result you only stay clear while you are eating the perfect diet.

You mess up, then you break out; then you stress and try to be even more perfect, and what’s worst of all is the feeling of being trapped by all this.

I think it’s much better to just not be so perfect about it and stress way less about it. Eat well the majority of the time, and really savour and enjoy the times when you splurge.

I know this from experience. I’ve relaxed in leaps and bounds with my food since I first started this acne journey.

I’m so much happier and my skin is absolutely just as clear, if not clearer than back then.

Acne is a holistic problem. It doesn’t just ride on one thing. Find the balance, clear your skin.



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